declare war

Who's gonna lose weight and pump up quicker?

You or your buddies?

declare war declare war declare war


Men's Health Workout War is a fast-track fitness program and weight loss competition that will help you shed pounds, build muscle, and put the beat-down on your opponents.

Crush Your workout

You'll get powerful exercises that pack on muscle and crank up your natural metabolism all day!

Punch Out
the Clock

Slash workout time with fast-paced routines that pit you against the clock and build muscular endurance and strength as a result.


Strategic week-by-week meal plans keep calories in check and fuel your workouts for fast, measurable weight loss.


Learn the secrets to a rock-hard six-pack. Each 12-day quarter and overtime period give you the step-by-step plans to win big!

Shed pounds without feeling hungry. Men's Health Workout War also includes a meal plan. The end result of all your hard work? You'll have ripped abs, toned arms, stronger legs, greater flexibility — and, oh yeah, the fitness you need to win your workout war!

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It's time to
get back in the game

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Written by certified strength and conditioning specialist Jim Cotta, Men's Health Workout War will get you off your butt and back into the game, sharing the same techniques he used to train some of the sports world's greatest players. And he'll give you step-by-step instructions for building a knock-down, drag-out battle with your buddies.

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The people portrayed in this promotion are Rodale employees whom we challenged to compete in this contest.

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on the line 3 stars

Jim Cotta believes that competition is "deeply rooted in our DNA." Winning, he says, is often more important than the actual competition. And if you want serious motivation to win, lay some money on the line. After all, it's been shown that people who were paid to lose weight — or had to pony up if they didn't — were more likely to meet their weight loss goals.

So when you organize your workout war, recruit your friends, set the parameters (there's lots of tips in the book on how to do that), make your wagers, and let the battle begin. What your friends won't know is that you've got yourself a "ringer." Men's Health Workout War preps you to kick butt and win bragging rights.

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The Ultimate Glory is Waiting to be Seized
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book cover

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